domingo, 7 de outubro de 2018

Meditative explorations of the Self

We don't have time. 
We don't have time for us. 
To rest. 
To listen. To listen to others. 
To listen to my needs. The needs of others. 
To understand. 
To follow my natural rhythm. The rhythm of others. 
To flow…. To know

These sessions create a receptive Space to rest and listen.
Inside. Outside. Me. Others.
Then, we are able to hear what IS…, there…, all the time.

“Regenerative exercises”, “internal meditation” practices, enquiry into our “perception of space”, trust and listening, guide our journey.*

We will explore themes such as forgiveness, loss and trauma as core subjects in our lives.

The sessions are guided by Juan Yusta, who has over 40 years dedicated himself to practice into different spiritual traditions, teaching and therapeutic work, and is now an instructor of the program created by Isaac Portilla.

*Practices designed by Isaac Portilla, more information :

Where: Circulo do Ser, Anjos, Lisboa (5min from metro), Tuesdays at 19.30

Value: a monthly voluntary and conscious contribution.

Language: English/ Spanish/ Portuguese

Booking is necessary: Juan, 925767864